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November 17, 2019

The Blood of Jesus

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There is a false doctrine being promoted by some Independent Fundamental Baptists that Jesus did not have human blood. They claim that the blood of Jesus was divine. They argue this from two directions:

1) They claim that it is a biological fact that infants get their blood from their fathers.

2) They misinterpret multiple passages in the Bible to support this belief.

On point #1, they claim that since the placenta isolates a mother’s blood from a fetus’ blood, fetuses must by necessity get their blood from their father. This is very bad reasoning.

Biology tells us that 100% of the fetus’ blood comes from the fetus. Not one drop of the either parent’s blood is passed on to the child.

Neither an egg cell nor a sperm cell contain any blood whatsoever. The father passes on half of his DNA, and the mother passes on half of her DNA. The combination results in complete DNA for a new and unique person. When the egg and sperm unite, they become a single human cell that contains no blood whatsoever. The cell begins to multiply, and it takes several days before the cells begin to specialize. Only then do the first blood cells form. These new blood cells are neither the father’s nor the mother’s. These blood cells will have elements in common with the mother’s blood and elements in common from the father’s blood, but these cells are not the father’s blood.

Fetuses do not get their blood from their fathers.

As for point #2, one of the verses they misinterpret is Hebrews 2:14a, which says (in KJV), “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise TOOK PART of the same;” … they say that proves that Jesus only took human flesh, but not human blood. They interpret “took part” to mean He only took the “flesh part” of “flesh and blood.”

But, took part is ambiguous in English. Does it mean took a part and left a part, or does it mean partook or shared in? It turns out the original Greek is not ambiguous at all. In the Greek, it is a single word that means to partake or to share in.

So, a proper exegesis of Hebrews 2:14a actually proves that Jesus had human flesh and human blood, just as we do.

The “Divine Blood” doctrine is bad biology AND bad theology.

What, you didn’t know that?

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