Drink, Strong

The following article is reproduced from the public-domain version of the International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia (1913). James Orr, M.A., D.D., General Editor John L. Nuelsen, D.D., LL.D. Edgar Y. Mullins, D.D., LL.D. Assistant Editors Morris O. Evans, D.D., PhD., Managing Editor [ Underlining added for emphasis ] DRINK, STRONG (שׁכר, shēkhār; σίκερα, síkera; from שׁכר, […]

Booze In The Bible Reference

Bacchus and Anti-Bacchus

Below are links to a two-part article written by John MacLean in 1841. Dr. MacLean was Professor of Ancient Languages at the College of New Jersey at the time. In this two-part article, John MacLean examines the claims made in two articles: Bacchus, by Ralph Barnes Grindrod Anti-Bacchus, by Rev B. Parsons In John MacLean’s […]