Bacchus and Anti-Bacchus

Below are links to a two-part article written by John MacLean in 1841. Dr. MacLean was Professor of Ancient Languages at the College of New Jersey at the time.

In Part 1 of the article below, the author takes too much time on a letter he received from a man in Lebanon. The author seems to think that letter proves something. While a little interesting, it doesn’t really prove anything.

Other than that, I think the author makes some compelling arguments.

The Princeton Review
Volume 13, Issue 2
April 1841
pp. 267-306
Bacchus and Anti-Bacchus, Part 1
The Princeton Review
Volume 13, Issue 4
October 1841
pp. 471-523
Bacchus and Anti-Bacchus, concluded

The distribution of these documents was made possible by: University of Michigan Making of America

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